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A complete guide on ketogenic diet. The basic understanding of the diet and its process and step-by-step guide through four phases of ketogenic diet.

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Step-by-step instruction to calculate your food and nutritional intake. Addition tips and guidelines for choosing right food groups and supplements.


Focuses on fat loss goals in a simple, sustainable and effective way. Includes tips to make the most out of your diet and get optimal results.

Diet Plan

The Keto Book

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Ketogenic diet and fat loss guide

A complete step-by-step guide on ketogenic diet to make it effective and sustainable.

Gives an insight about the ketogenic diet to help you set realistic and achievable goals.

Includes tips about choosing the right foods according to your preference.

Instructions about preparing and following a ketogenic diet, divided in four phases.

Includes tips about training and implementing cheat meals.

Includes tips about possible keto flu symptoms and how to avoid them.

Includes all the information and instructions required to plan your ketogenic diet according to your unique requirements.
A guided for proper supplementation on ketogenic diet.

Keto made simple, easy and perfect.

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The Keto Cook Book


Recipe and meal plan for ketogenic diet and fat loss
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30   Delicious   ketogenic recipes.

Step-by-step cooking instructions with ingredient list and nutrition value.

Includes vegetarian and vegan options.

Find instructions at the end of
"The Keto Book" to claim free PDF.

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